I graduated in Economics (Master Diploma), working for more than 20 years as trainer and coach, 8 years of which in the management trai-
ning department of a famous German automo-
bile company. Afterwards, I worked as a free-
lance management trainer and consultant for several companies and institutions, especially in the automobile, banking, insurance and univer-
sity sector.


I have held seminars and coachings for mana-
gers and junior managers, accompanied orga-
nizational development measures, supervised structural reorganization and projects to con-
ceive and introduce management development programmes.

I continually supplement my qualifications, e.g. at acknowledged institutes for:

presentation, organizational development, trans-
actional analysis, neuro-linguistic programming, communication, project management, business coaching.
 Member of GABAL (Association for Promotion of Application-Oriented Business Administration and Active Teaching Methods at Universities and in Practice, registered association).
Certificate:  “Quality-Transparency-Integrity” of the forum for value orientation in further and higher education.