Nowadays, all qualified trainers and consultants offer targeted and participant-oriented trainings considering the newest consolidated findings about methods and didactics. Each and every one focuses on the client’s needs and expecta-

tions. And yet, they are all different. I know the challenges to find a good trainer on a non-transparent market.

I aim at bringing decision maker and trainer together, so that your expectations will be congruent with the trainer’s competencies and personality as far as possible.

Ausgewählte Kundenprojekte

Leadership development, Talent development programs, Teambuilding

Training leadership behaviour, communicaion, moderation, team

Training ChangeAbility, Rhetoric, Teambuilding in German and English

Sales training and coaching national and international

Leadership development programs, projectmanagement, projectcoaching

Moderated workshops for managers

Leadership Excellence programs national and international

Training intercultural business patterns in English

International sales trainings and sales coaching, presentation skills, train the trainer

Development-oriented appraisal talks, moderated workshops, knowledge management

Conflict management, project management, communication, sales trainings

Sales training, workshops

Projectmanagement, Training projectmanagement

Training work-life-balance, individual coaching

Training communication, moderated meetings